Thursday, 25 March 2010

...Asks What's In Your Bag?

We all have a carefully constructed public persona, the mask that we all hide behind when we’re out in public. What’s behind your mask?

Would you be happy for your friends and work colleagues and business associates to see the unmasked you?

Whilst we all strive to be the best we possibly can be, sometimes it’s just not that easy and that’s why we tend to have a side that we show and one that we don’t. But what if that mask slipped? Would we still recognise you? My own mask has slipped on occasions and it was quite ugly. This was not good considering I don't do ugly.

One fun way to check what’s lurking behind our masks is to imagine carrying an invisible bag containing all those qualities that are normally tucked safely away hidden from view. That bag’s always with us whether chatting with siblings, other family, a friend or a loved one or conducting a meeting with a business associate. Sounds a little wacky doesn’t it, but work with me on this one because I think you’ll like it.

Ladies, we all love our cherished bags so this will be easy, and it’s only a game so if you want yours to be a fabulous Gucci/Chanel/Fendi bag then go ahead – it’s yours! Gentlemen, you’re not forgotten either and with the advent of the manbag, you’ll be excited to learn you’re included in this one too.

Here’s the disclaimer: ladies, this is a game, hence you don’t need a genuine Gucci/Chanel/Fendi. Gentlemen, this is a game but unless you want this to be the last game you ever play, please just buy her the Gucci/Chanel/Fendi. This will earn you countless brownie points. We're girls and we like presents.

Everyone happy? Let’s continue.

Now sit down at an imaginary table with either mum, best friend, business associate etc (well you’re already holding an imaginary bag so you may as well take your seat at the imaginary table).

It’s important to know a few fundamentals at this point; first, we ALL have a bag; second, the contents of our bags all vary from person to person, and relate directly to our personal life experiences; third (and this one is a bit scary) the person across the table from you will see the entire contents of your bag – make no mistake about that Ladies and Gentlemen, and fourth and finally the contents of your bag won’t necessarily reflect the contents of your public life. You might be the CEO of an insanely successful company or you might be a top model appearing on magazine covers around the world, but that’s the mask we wear for public consumption. The bag holds the private inner you. Did I hear an uh-oh?

Only you know what’s in your bag and only you decide what goes in and what stays out, but they will see it whether you like it or not. That is the Law of The Bag.

Do you know what’s in your bag? Allow me to just throw a few things into the mix here off the top of my head…how about Greed? Unreliability? Unpredictability? Disloyalty? How would you feel if that’s what your companion pulled out of their bag? Better yet, how would you feel about pulling those unsavoury qualities out of your bag? Not great I’m guessing.

Would you really want to sit opposite the person who’s bag contains an unlimited supply of negative qualities, against your positive qualities.

What if their response to the look of abject horror on your face was a wishy-washy “Yes, I know it looks bad but I was hoping your bag has the joy, the love, the enthusiasm, the passion, the tolerance, the patience and all that other good stuff. I really just don’t have it in mine.”

Would they be able to see you through the dust cloud as you make your supersonic exit at breakneck speed? I doubt it.

Take a few moments every day to consider the contents of your bag and be glad for the opportunity to clean it up and sort it out before you take your seat at the table of your life. Make a conscious decision today to fill your bag to the brim with a heady mixture of respectful, fabulous, amazing, breathtaking, romantic, schmaltzy attributes. Have some fun with this part of the process and bear in mind what you’d want someone to pull out of their bag and offer you.

Trust me – you’ll be glad you did it. Offering the best of ourselves comes with its own plentiful rewards. Like many noble pursuits it isn’t easy but I promise you, it will make you feel fabulous.

Just before I close please take a moment to tell me, if you dare, what’s in your bag right here, right now?

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