Tuesday, 21 September 2010

... Asks Are You Really Over Your Ex?

The relationship was so so SO great, you were convinced she was the one. This is quite simply the best thing that has ever happened to you and it’s never going to end. Oh my gosh I love her! I never want to be without him! How could I ever live without her? We’re gonna get married and have babies and be deliriously happy! Yay!

Then you break up. And the breakup was...well, ...not that bad actually. You're sooooo over it!

Here’s 10 signs, that apply to men and women alike, that you’re well and truly over your ex:
  1. You no longer look for his name on your mobile when it rings/beeps with a text.
  2. You’ve stopped stalking her/her friends/her family on Facebook/twitter/myspace.
  3. You don’t feel the need to drive past her place at 11pm...1am...3am...
  4. All her stuff is now in the bin/at the charity store.
  5. You no longer rummage through your “memories box” for reminders of the good times.
  6. You don't have that memory box any more.
  7. Hearing his name doesn’t make your heart miss a beat any more.
  8. You’ve stopped checking your inbox for new emails from her...even though it’s been precisely 8 minutes since you last checked.
  9. You don’t go for walks alone any more in all the old familiar places, hoping she’ll be there too.
  10. The thought of them being with someone else doesn't hurt your feelings.

Did you recognise any of the signs? Great! Because now you know you’re well and truly over “the ex”, and you’re ready to look forward to the next loving experience. Start by expecting the best relationship for you to come to you naturally and easily. Be loving, kind and sincere and expect the best...it’s what you deserve and it’s heading in your direction, so be prepared to recognise it when it shows up! 

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