Friday, 10 September 2010

...Is Going On A Roadtrip!

Have you ever been told that life is a journey? Whether you’ve heard it before or not, and the chances are you have, I reckon we all reach that conclusion at one stage of our lives or another...well, most of us do at any rate! We’ve heard often enough that its not about the destination, its about the journey. Stop & smell the roses, it’s not a dress rehearsal etc etc etc. Ok...message received and understood. Life’s a journey.

But sometimes I look around and I wonder whose journey I’m on exactly.

At work we are required for the most part to observe and buy into our employers’ ethos, and even though there may be small degrees of parity on some levels, many of us have to leave our own ethics at the door as we enter our work places, and just bite our tongues to avoid getting so wound up & risk losing our jobs. Financial and economic dependency dictates these conditions. Many spouses can also feel similarly repressed if their partner is the main breadwinner, and communication between them both is a challenge. It is well documented that arguments about money are one of the key factors in soaring divorce rates. Interactions with friends, partners, preachers, teachers and family members and a whole gamut of others we meet along the way, also affect us during our journey.

Some of our interactions can leave us feeling obligated, depleted and empty while others revive us and nourish our souls.

Over time, regular exposure to a particular viewpoint will lead to that viewpoint being adopted as our own. It is said that we are a combination of the 5 people we spend most of our time with.

So that leaves me wondering, is it really my journey or a mish-mash of everyone else’s?

Is uniqueness and individuality merely a concept? We cannot (and indeed must not in my opinion) avoid other people in our lives. Human contact and interaction is essential. However it exposes us to a plethora of ideas, principles, moralities and standards, ranging from high to low and most things in-between. They are all going to influence our passage through this life to one extent or another. The intensity of the influence being even more marked when we are small children, totally vulnerable to the whims and fancies of the adults in our lives, no matter how headstrong the little one may be.

The result is the creation of a comfort zone. The safe, cosy place where we all sit, knowing that no matter what comes along, we are protected by the familiar and the known. But essentially nothing stays the same permanently and change is one of the features of this fragile life. Inevitably, there will come a time in everyone’s life when we have to leave our comfort zones and step out into the unfamiliar. This may be at the end of a relationship, the loss of a partner, upon leaving a job or when our children grow up.
These and other key events in life represent important turning points for us. Many people are fearful and regard change as a threat. I prefer to see change as an opportunity.

Part of the fear of change comes from having to step into our own energy and generate our own experiences instead of vicariously living through those who share our comfort zones. Following is often easier than leading.

We are however spiritual beings having human experiences, and the people who share our journey with us are here by our calling. None of us are followers and none of us are leaders. The experiences we have with our fellow human souls are purposefully and carefully designed to help our souls on our way and get us further along the road. The journey we have embarked upon isn’t about getting a better job or getting a bigger car/house/handbag. This journey we call life is the original & ultimate road-trip! It’s the road-trip that takes us back to a state of love and purity. This is the journet that takes us back home to our maker. I call him God, although you may have another name for the entity that created you and all living things.

The experiences and interactions we have on a daily basis, from the most insignificant to the really big smack-you-between-the-eyes events, all conspire to create what seems to be a mish-mash of a journey. However if we shift our perspective slightly and step away from the drama to observe, then we can start to watch the process unfolding. And it is truly magical. As observers we can draw upon the timeless wisdom of our souls, resulting in an enhanced power of discernment so that the fellow souls we call upon to walk through life with us will enhance our experience of life. The mish-mash is far more subtle and sophisticated than we realise.

So the next time someone irks you or makes you smile, don’t dwell too long on it and avoid getting caught up in the details of the event. Simply appreciate that you asked them to be present in your life at that precise time. They are here to bring you the answer to your soul’s calling. Say thank you graciously and with gratitude for the experience and then consider for a moment where that encounter fits in with your soul’s continuing progress on your personal road-trip. You have two choices: you can honour your soul’s purpose and move forward to the next enlightening meeting or you can remain stuck, feeling like you’re helpless and beholden.

What do you want to do?

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