Tuesday, 7 September 2010

...Is Thinking...

So today I’m writing about observing our thoughts and the awesome power of that extremely simple process.

First I’d like you to indulge me a little please & stop to take note of what you’re thinking right now.

Is it a positive and kind thought? Is it a suspicious, critical and harsh thought or is it a trusting thought?

Be honest with yourself about your thoughts - after all, you may as well be honest because they’re in your head and nobody else is privvy to what goes on in there....or are they? Do we unwittingly let others in on our most private thoughts without even uttering a word?

I’d say wholeheartedly “YES!”.

The idiom “to speak with a forked tongue” springs to mind here. This refers to when a person says one thing but is intentionally duplicitous because they in fact have a totally different agenda to the one being verbalised. They are basically lying. However, isn’t it true that we always know when a person is lying to us?

That’s why its imperative to be honest and express ourselves openly and from the heart, because the truth of your intentions is ultimately always revealed, even when you use a smoke-screen of seemingly opposing words and actions.

U-oh...you’re worried now aren’t you? But there’s no need to be worried at all. There is a solution which is so simple it’s going to make you laugh out loud...just be honest. Tell the truth. Or let me rephrase that...tell your truth. It may not be received well, it may not even be fully comprehended or accepted but that’s up to the recipient. Their reaction actually doesn’t matter.

Your truth might be “I love lemonade instead of coca cola” or it might be “I don’t love you any more”.

Whatever it is, be brave enough to say it. It’s your authentic truth that resides in the core of your being, and nobody can argue with that. What's more, the best part of telling your truth is that you have taken responsibility for yourself and honoured your Soul’s voice, and that to me is the ultimate peace of mind. No more worries about leakage! You’ve said it, it’s out there, job done!

So the next time you want to say something that is not aligned to your correlating thought, stop for a moment and consider how to rephrase yourself so that you are diplomatically and kindly expressing your truth. Speak your authentic truth with loving intentions and watch what happens. It’s a very powerful place to stand.

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