Sunday, 13 June 2010

...Shares 5 Tips For A Happy Home.

We all want to be good parents, and we all want to have a happy family and harmony in our home life. When we have our children we want the best for them but we also want the parenting experience to be a fulfilling one for us. i believe that this can be achieved by making a few simple decisions with our partners from the start, perhaps even during the pregnancy. Doing this will set the tone for the parenting roles of Mum & Dad from day one. My aim here is to provide you with a few handy tips that will make the role of parenting an exciting one that fills you with enthusiasm and anticipation rather than with dread! These tips work with children of all ages, but they are best employed from an early age. 

1. RESPECT EACH OTHER. Our children's first classroom is the home. That is where they take their first lessons in life. If parents behave respectfully towards each other in the way they speak to each other behave to wards each other this gives children a fantastic start in so many ways. Not only do they feel happy and secure in themselves, growing up in a respectful household, but they will also learn the importance of respecting others. This is a life lesson that will stay with them throughout their lives. 

2. SET BOUNDARIES FOR YOUR CHILDREN. A child's natural instinct, whether they are 2 years old or 12 years old is to get what they want when they want it! They are not instinctively attuned towards delayed gratification. Whilst this is natural for them, it is a nightmare for parents! So if you put in a system of boundaries around controversial matters such as bedtime, acceptable behaviour at mealtimes, homework and study to name but a few, your child will benefit. If you do this when they are very young it removes the element of conflict and simply becomes a part of their normal daily routine.

3. STICK TO A ROUTINE WITH YOUNGSTERS. When children are young, they really benefit from having a daily routine that does not vary dramatically. This is important because it enhances their sense of security in their home life which is crucial. Additionally it allows them to grow and develop naturally without having the added concern of the scenery changing constantly at home, which can be a destabilising factor.

4. SUPPORT EACH OTHER It is vitally important that both of the parents buy into all decisions made around disciplining the children. If you do not do this then the children get mixed messages around what is expected of them behaviourally, and that confusion will lead to them misbehaving as a result. Make sure that you discuss any disciplinary measures together before imposing them on the children. 

5. EAT AT LEAST ONE MEAL EACH DAY TOGETHER AS A FAMILY. The hectic lifestyle of the average 21st century family can leave us with precious little time to relax together. This can lead to isolation from each other, and as our children grow up and develop interests outside the family home, with friends and school, the gap between parents and their children grows ever wider. This can be prevented if you make an effort to sit together for one meal, or more if that's possible, and eat together as a family. All the family will benefit, and most importantly one of the key positive effects for the children is a strong sense of belonging. Eating together around a table also encourages good table manners which they will take with them through life.

So there are my 5 simple steps to take the stress out of parenting. If you're feeling like you need a little more help lowering your stress levels, then try this relaxation program which might be just what you're looking for!

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