Monday, 26 July 2010

..Is Stretching!

Take a few moments today to consider how stretchy you are. And now go ahead and have little stretch...I mean really stretch...stretch your minds, your bodies and your hearts. I think these are 3 key stretches we should be doing every day.

When we stretch our minds we always think that little bit bigger, countless brilliant ideas flow from that hidden fountain of knowledge held deep within us. Stretching our minds is exciting and it results in a renewed zest for life, boundless energy, burning ambition. In stretching our minds we attract endless opportunities to make something happen, sometimes out of nothing more than an idea. Some of the most amazing advances in this world have been made when inventors, doctors, scientists and business people have stretched their minds and ignored the boundaries, whether real or imagined. What brilliance can you achieve today by stretching your mind and thinking BIG?

2. THE BODY STRETCH When we stretch our bodies we stand a little bit taller our stomach goes in (yay!) & our shoulders broaden. We straighten up our backs and it feels just so great! It’s an instant boost to our confidence and self esteem rises one hundred-fold. You will even tend to smile more. What’s more, everyone you meet sees that there has been a shift in you, but no-one can quite put their finger on it. Standing tall is a physical stretch that really gets you noticed, with hardly any effort on your part. Try it now - go on...really stretch yourself!

And now the final stretch, and my personal favourite, the heart and soul stretch. When we stretch our hearts we are automatically a little bit kinder & more loving. And here’s the best part - everyone benefits! When we feel kindness, compassion and understanding for ourselves it radiates out from within us and it spreads like a ripple effect to everyone we meet. Those people then connect to your flow of positive loving energy, and pass it on in their daily interactions, resulting in the most beautiful flow of natural positive energy. With the spiritual stretch, our sense of gratitude is massively enhanced and this in turn pulls us in closer to our source energy. Be patient with this stretch. It’s not instantaneous, it’s a process. But it never fails to deliver perfectly beautiful results every time.

So now it’s up to much do you want to stretch yourself today?

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  1. Mumtaz! you are not only mum, lawyer, author and a business woman, but also a doctor like your Sufi bhai. I love last month's article, this month's as well...Keep up with it...

    By the way, pictures are great!